WeChat Advertising

An undeniably powerful mobile messaging app developed by Tencent is continuously gaining a massive amount of users in China as well as overseas. WeChat, or better known as Weixin in China, was released in 2011 to offer users a unique experience in creating a platform that combines messaging, social communication, and mobile games all in one application. With over 400 million monthly active users as of June 2014, businesses seeking to reach their Chinese audience can no longer remain oblivious to the influence of the world’s fastest growing mobile application. From banking, retail, and tourism, industries are tailoring their advertising and marketing campaigns to reach their large audience.



Why WeChat?


WeChat account registration and basic account optimisation

DailylinkSG will take you through the process of choosing an account type that is aligned with the objectives of your campaign and assist in setting up your account. DailylinkSG will also optimise your profile and mini website to ensure that all necessary information on your products and services will reach your Chinese audience.


Localisation of WeChat services

For a more culture-sensitive brand experience for your audience, DailylinkSG will assist in adapting your brand, products, and services to the local culture. Our team of professionals consider all aspects of localisation that will enable a successful market entry.


Engagement with subscribers

Our competent strategists at DailylinkSG will develop creative ways to utilise the many features and functions that WeChat offers in getting in touch and engaging your subscribers for a strong and lasting relationship.


WeChat Advertising

Our team maximises the wide range of advertising and promotion solutions WeChat offers to assure the establishment of your brand identity and authority. We develop well thought-out strategies to effectively reach your targeted audience and generate leads to sales conversion.